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I Am Black: Translated


Eric Malema
Freelance Photographer
Born: Alexandra Township, South Africa
Live: Durban, South Africa

Many people here prefer to be called Africans rather than blacks. When you fill in a form e.g. job application form, they ask if you are white, indian, coloured or african.

White South Africans are saying they are also Africans because they were born here and have been living here their entire lives.

Being Black: As an African man I am proud of who I am, proud of where I come from and also proud of my rich culture. Being black I don't have to be worried about name calling and also worried about walking freely in white areas because of what they might think of me . Lastly being black means I have to be strong and not be scared to work with white people because I believe they will think I am not good at what I'm doing because of the colour my skin, I have to work hard and show them I'm as a good as they are.