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I Am Black: Translated


Jeremy S. Dabel
ICG Compliance Analyst
Born: Brooklyn, NY
Live: Buffalo, NY

Being black means you’re like a rubber ball. The thrower puts all his/her weight into the pitch hoping to see how much this ball will endure, maybe wishing to deflate it. I don't know if its curiosity or if its maliciousness that motivates the thrower. More often than not, their jaw drops and eyes squint because they can't believe a ball can bounce back so high after they’ve thrown it down with so much might. To be Black is to be in this constant state of adversity.  Having to bounce back or bounce through gauntlets that would make most give up. We have a long history of silencing the naysayers. My skin is a badge of courage and it's up to me to continue the tradition of bouncing back and ultimately...flying.