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I Am Black: Translated


Justice Randolph Jackson
Retired Justice of the Supreme Court of New York;
Senior counsel of a Manhattan law firm and author of two books: "How to Get a Fair Trial by Jury" and "Black People in the Bible".
Life member of the NAACP and the National Bar Association
Born: Brooklyn, NY
Live: Brooklyn, NY

THE word “black”, in this context, is a social construct, not a color.
Accordingly, “I am black” means I am recently descended from Africa, in historical terms, within the last 500 years.
AS a practical matter, it means I have hypertension, because racism makes my blood boil.
It means I might have diabetes, for genetic reasons.
It means I have a love for the sun, because of my melanin.
It means I prefer the rhythm to the melody.
It means I have to run UPhill to score, because the playing field is NOT level.
But it also means Victory is sweeter.
FINALLY, it means I am the same color as JESUS CHRIST (Revelation, Chapter 1, Verse 15 KJV).