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I Am Black: Translated


Aswad Asim Akil Hashim Foster
Spiritual Healer, Councilor
Born: Brooklyn, NY
Live: Manhattan, NY

Living Black is not so much about whether I think of myself as Black but about how I am seen, when you or the world looks at me what do you see. It is this first impression that places me in a category, which allows for a shared experience with all those who look like me, Black!

It is this shared experience of looking "Black" that makes me, and millions like me Black. Cultural differences aside, I believe living Black affords me a unique but shared experience with everyone else Black. The experience of racism, oppression, hate and the forms of expression that spring from these evils such as the good (heart, will, ingenuity), the bad (crime and alienation), and the ugly (self hatred and prejudice) make me along with all the people who look like me, Black.

As long as we are seen as other we have no choice, Living Black.