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I Am Black: Translated


Wilfred Farquharson
Born: Bayshore, NY
Live: Holbrook, NY

To be Black is to be complex. I am light and I am dark. I am feared and I am loved. Being Black is to be envied yet dismissed, admired yet degraded and sometimes at the same time. Being Black substitutes excuse opportunities with clear vision and purpose.

I would not change my blackness for where God provides the fuel, my blackness gives me the traction needed to be successful in this world. I use this traction as my launch pad for greatness. To use the cliché we are a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get, but understand that the box has no lid.

We have overcome the impossible challenges countless times and will continue to do so with a smiled mouth, a winked eye, a warmed embrace and a Black clenched fist!